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Roger and Andy Baker

Roger and Jerry Weldon

Roger’s father, Edward Ingram, circa 1950

HCJ trumpet section L to R: Leroy Jones, Roger Ingram, Dan Miller, Jeremy Davenport

Roger and Chuck Parrish

Woody Herman Band Members 1986 L to R: Mike Brignola, Frank Greene, John Fedchock, Roger Ingram, Paul McKee

Roger loves lobster. ;-)

Vicky relaxing on the boat in Niantic

Roger recording with the WDR. Cologne 1988

Roger and Vicky playing Christmas carols at home

Roger performing the National Anthem with HCJ at the XXVI Superbowl

Roger recording for Frank Mantooth

Roger recording for Frank Mantooth

Dave Schumacher and Roger

Terry Warburton and Roger

Brad Leali and Roger

Lou Marini, Tom “Bones” Malone and Roger

Roger and Marvin Stamm

Mike Vax and Roger doing a fox trot

Vicky and Roger doing a waltz

Roger poses with himself at the NAMM show

Roger speaking, not singing. ;-)

Roger clinicing a college jazz ensemble

Roger presenting a clinic in Toronto, Canada

Roger presents a clinic in St Louis, MO

Roger in the recording studio, Chicago, IL

Roger conducting a clinic for a high school jazz ensemble

Roger rehearsing with a community jazz ensemble

Roger at Walmart, shopping for bananas

Roger backstage at a television taping

Roger in performance with a high school jazz ensemble

Roger with jazz festival band directors

Vicky feeding the chickens

Roger warming up at Jim and Sam Stewart’s house

Vicky and Roger enjoying a ride in the Stewart’s classic car

Vicky and Roger

Roger at his 21st birthday celebration, on the road with Tom Jones

Roger and Al Hirt

Hazel Ingram and her new baby boy, Roger

Roger and Jerry Weldon’s dog, “Lucky”

Roger with his Chet Baker t-shirt

Roger doing his day gig. ;-)

Roger and Bob Reeves

Pat Shaner and Roger

Frank Green, Roger, George Rabbai, and Vicky

Terry Warburton, Roger, Mike Cichowicz

Roger and Marquis Hill

Roger and Jose Sabaja

Roger at the Jupiter Booth with Zack Marcinkiewicz and friend

Kiku Collins and Roger at the ITG

Roger and Jon Faddis

Roger and Peter Pickett

Roger, Vicky, and Philip Biggs

Bobby Shew and Roger

Roger and Tony Kadleck

Wayne Bergeron and Roger

Roger, Vicky, Barb, and Wayne

Roger and Joey Tartell

Roger, Vicky, and Scott

Vicky on the boat

Roger and Freddie Hubbard

Roger with the New Standard Jazz Orchestra

Roger and Philip Biggs

1939 Cadillac La Salle, just like the one Roger’s father had

Roger’s father, Ed Ingram

Vicky and Roger on father’s day

Ruth Rogers and cousin Vicky at Indiana Dunes

Vicky and Roger at the Indiana Dunes

Vicky and Ruth at Lake Michagan

Roger and Tim Bales in Roger’s music studio

Vicky, Mark Braud, Roger, and Byron Winans

Roger and BJ Cord in Roger’s studio

Thomas Hooten and Roger

Byron Winans

Roger at the top of Pikes Peak

Byron, Roger, and Vicky at the Grand Canyon

Roger and Jim Manley

L to R: Bill Byrne, Scott Wagstaff, Roger, and Ron Stout

Maynard Ferguson rehearsing in Ojai

Roger and Mel Torme

L to R: Wayne, Maynard, and Roger

Roger and Steve Elliot: the Farley Brothers hoo-wee! ;-)

Brian Mitchell

L to R: John Rinaldo, John Thomas, and Roger

L to R: Brian O’Flaherty, Billy Spencer, and Roger

Dante Luciani and Roger on Lake Tahoe

Roger’s mother, Hazel Ingram, having tea

Ralph Forbes, and Joe Davis

Jacquline Such and Byron Winans

Vicky and Roger: wedding day 4/2/10

Vicky and Bobby Shew

Fred Simmons and Roger

Roger and Billy Spencer

Doc Severinsen and Roger

Vicky and Doc Severinsen

Greg Gisbert and Roger

Bryan Davis and Roger

Roger at the WKU museum with his trumpet display

Roger and Jim Stewart

Roger, Brent Rosborough, and Rick DeJonge

Wynton Marsalis, Roger, and Jon Faddis

Arturo Sandoval and Roger

Allen Vizutti and Roger

Roger and Vince DiMartino

Hazel Ingram 1923-2013

Brian Nadeau, Roger, Vicky, and student

Roger and Ryan Resky

Perry Sutton, Roger, and George Rabbai

Roger, Steve Dillon, and Joe Mosello

Roger and Al Porcino

Dave Berger, David Maxell, and Roger

Roger in the MuteMeister finishing room

Vicky and Kim Aubuchon

Roger visiting the final resting place of Clifford Brown

Chris, Tom, Byron, Vicky, Roger, and Pat at a lobster dinner

John Fumo, HCJ, Wayne Bergeron, Warren Luening, and Roger

HCJ and Roger at Capitol Records

Roger on Maynard’s bus

Roger at home

Jim Seeley, Sal Crachiolo, Roger, and Vicky

HCJ and Roger in the studio, NYC

Till Bronner and Roger

Steve Elliott

Roger and Brian Mitchell, 1987

Men in Black

More men in black

Steve Winans, Carl Hammond, Roger, and John Hagstrom

Roger, Ron Stout, Bobby Shew, and Carl Saunders

Bill Churchville, Roger, Jay Diversa, and Chuck Findley

Pete Olstad

Roger, Vicky, and Philip Biggs

Roger and Alan Quinn

Roger playing a dance with his high school band, 1975

Roger playing at a jam session, Hollywood CA, 1969

Roger and Dan Miller in the south of France with the HCJ big band, 1992

Dan Jacobs and Roger, 2004

Roger and Nicole Sasser

Singing in 4 part harmony with Maynard Ferguson at Heathrow airport, 1992

Roger, Wayne Bergeron, Peter Olstad: MF trumpet section 1988

WKU Jazz ensemble with Roger, after his clinic

Derek Watkins and Roger, BBC Studios, 2007

Roger at TrumpetParty in Holland, 2009

Roger performing at Kim Aubuchon and Dustin Shrum’s Sr Recital, UMSL, 2013

Roger and Bobby Shew, MIdwest Clinic

Roger and David Hickman

Walter White and Roger

Preston Hazzard, Roger, and the Hazzard childres

Roger and Paul McKee, horsing around with luggage carts at Heathrow, 1986

Roger and Glenn Koster

Roger and John Fedchock

Roger performing at the MAC Jazz Fest

Roger relaxing at home (with bear hat and Krispy Kremes)

Roger and Jeanne Pocius Dorismond

Vicky, Roger, Perry Sutton, and Steve Dillon

Frank Mantooth Big Band Concert, 1991

Roger and his private student, Ian