Roger Ingram - Trumpeter, Recording Artist, Educator, Author
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By Roger Ingram

Roger Ingram has studied with Laroon Holt, Bobby Shew, Bud Brisbois, Mannie Klein, Roy Stevens, Bobby Findley, Carmine Caruso, Reynold Schilke, James Stamp, Uan Rasey, Mel Broils, and Dan Jacobs.

The topic of practice in Chapter 1, "Getting Started" and a discussion of "Absorbing Recorded and Live Music" in Chapter 2, "It's All About the Music" are just a few of the subjects included in Roger's seven chapter book, Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing.
Information on Roger's book, Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing is available on the "Books" page of the publisher's site, You may also place an order from that site. This book is a great resource for students, and presents much of the material that is covered in lessons and clinics.

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Postal mail can be sent to:
106 Calendar Ct, #108, La Grange IL 60525

You can call and leave a message for Roger at 1.708.250.7660
The other method of contact is to email Vic or Roger.

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